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number 870

Second release for Caaldruun, also known as Erik Kessel and again with sparse information, although the artwork is actually a nice design. His mission statement reads “CAALDRUUN: hypnotic Ambient/Industrial compositions utilizing concrete sonic residue sourced from field recordings, oscillators and other electronic devices” and on this new release he continues to explore what he started on ‘Headstone’, except that this is all a bit louder, leaning more towards the world of noise than ambient. The six pieces are quite loud. It seems to be field recordings – such as children in ‘Fountain Of Knives’ – but perhaps also electro-magnetic fields, small synthesizers and effects such as reverb and delay are used quite a lot (perhaps occasionally in a too similar fashion). Some of these pieces tend to be a bit long, as Caaldruun uses the form in which he layers sound sources and let them run for a while, rather than using any form of collage. It’s however a form of noise that I like. It’s loud, but not crude. It seems that Kessel put some thought into this as opposed to the producers of pointless racket, whose aim it is to create a racket. Intelligent noise! Maybe a bit more in balance with the ambient side wouldn’t hurt next time though. (FdW)


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